About Mount Clemens Farmers Market

The Mount Clemens Farmers Market (MCFM) is an open air experience where shoppers can purchase the freshest, locally grown produce directly from area farmers. The Market is full of lively conversations where farmers and customers chat about the products, farms and sometimes even secret family recipes!

Customers also have their choice of the produce that arrives at the market mere hours after being picked. Fresh locally grown foods are always packed with nutrients and rich flavors. Staples such as corn, bedding flowers, and pumpkins are mixed with rarer treats such as okra, Italian eggplants, raw honey-in-the-comb, and more. 

Come rain or shine our farmers and members can’t wait to see you soon. We invite you to join us and experience the market, we promise you will enjoy cooking with our fresh, locally grown produce.   

Our History

In 1958, the City of Mount Clemens began incorporating the incredible array of Macomb County farms into the local economy with the first Mount Clemens Farm City Week. Since agriculture had been a successful enterprise in Macomb County since the 1800’s, Farm City Week provided a great opportunity for the citizens of Mount Clemens to revel in their agrarian heritage. Farmers would sell their produce street-side while informing people of the importance of farming to the local economy. The annual event was such a success that it continued unabated for the next twenty-one years!

On July 20, 1979, the Mount Clemens Farmers Market first opened in a parking lot on Cass and Southbound Gratiot. Over 50 farmers from the surrounding area sold their fresh, home grown produce every Friday and Saturday morning into October. The market was a success! Over the years the market moved twice before finally settling at its current location at the City’s Park & Ride lot on North River Road between North Bound Gratiot and I-94. Look for the familiar Big Red Barn at the entrance, which even came with the market on its last relocation.

As the market has grown so has its seasonal special events featuring events like Soup Day, Battle of The Chefs, Pig/Potato Roast and Family Fun Day. All of these events feature family orientated entertainment with many specials for children!

Stopping by the Market every week not only ensures great meals but that the rich tradition of local farming will continue into the future. We’ll see you soon!